(A) or (B)?

Your kid texts you shortly after leaving for middle school in the morning, “Mom I left my project on the bus what can I do?”


Do you (A) give him some tough love and reinforce his independence by telling him to go to the front office and ask for help, and when they are not able to offer anything other than “you’ll just have to wait until you ride the bus home after school” you explain that he has to be responsible for his mistakes (although everybody is human and everybody makes them); or

(B) call the county school bus company, get transferred to dispatch, explain the situation, hold while he radios the bus driver on the walkie-talkie, says she looked but found nothing, text your kid back with the bad news, talk your kid off the ledge because he worked on the project for days and will get a late grade if he doesn’t turn it in today, continue periodically trying to calm him down via text, an hour later decide to call the county school bus company again (wonder should you disguise your voice this time… but decide no, that’s weird and not believable because your British accent tends to fall off mid-sentence) and ask if you can personally locate and search the bus because the kid knows down to the row, seat, and exact coordinates where he left it, profess your undying love for the understanding dispatcher who goes out to the bus, looks for and locates the project himself, drive to the bus depot two towns over (thus missing the last group workout of the morning and you know you’re not going to the afternoon one now) to pick up the project, drive it to your kid’s school, and text him to let him know it is there for pick up, then come home and take a nap?

Yeah, me too.  I went with (A).  I definitely went with that one.  Oh, who am I kidding?  That nap was awesome.


And he had a quiz in the middle of all of this!  You know it’s serious when juvenile humor doesn’t get a smile out of him.  Try saying ‘Boobie Washington’ a few times without giggling.  You can’t.

Wish me luck for tomorrow…

10 responses to “(A) or (B)?

  1. I am so with you on this one! I am driving to that bus place every time (and for every kid) because, ya know what, I can. And I am so grateful for that. <3

    There's nothing wrong with having someone you can depend on when you make a mistake and there's no one better to be that person than your mom. (just my 2 cents)

  2. Fixer Moms of the world unite! Stacy is our queen 👑!! Not much better than fixing what can’t be fixed, finding what others cannot find, removing stains that appear to pre-date Nixon, and putting a smile on a precious face 😄. I say nap well deserved! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. My boy left his violin in the school bus and did not realize it until right when we were headed out to their Fulton County Youth Orchestra recital. I was ready to throw him under that bus, only if that bus were there…

  4. Um yes you did the right thing! Hilarious though and such a bummer. Must have been a sinking feeling like leaving your phone on a chair in the airport and realizing right after boarding. #neverdothat!

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