This Is Just Not Funny

Yesterday was the first day of April, or as I would rather call it, March 32nd.  I am not really a big fan of the pranks and jokes and general tomfoolery that accompany this particular calendar day.  I never remember that it is April Fool’s until it is too late and by then I have fallen for a handful of pranks completely, thus becoming a literal fool (archaica person who is duped).  Or, I see right through people’s trickeration and have to pretend.  So, nope.  I’m not really a fan.

But my kids are a whole different story.

A few years ago Kid B contributed to this blog by posting about her favorite pastime… pranking her siblings (Kid B Uses Her Powers For Evil).  Kid C, Kid D, and Kid E seem to have gone the way of Wazaah, so they spent a good part of yesterday afternoon hiding each other’s shoes and pillows.  It was all very annoying, especially at bedtime harmless and funny and made everybody giggle.  Even I couldn’t keep my icy heart from melting each and every time I heard Kid D yell out “APRIL FOOL’S!” followed by a giant guffaw.  He was on a roll by dinnertime.

Sheepdog had ridden his bike to work yesterday, so he came in through the basement workshop and not the kitchen door when he got home last night.  He showered first and then joined us for dinner.  When he came upstairs, he had the remnants of panic smeared across his face.  Then he greeted us with, “Are you TRYING to kill me?”

Apparently, the pranksters got to him too.

This shit is not funny.

This shit is just not funny.

Wish me luck for tomorrow…

5 responses to “This Is Just Not Funny

    • He’s only 9, Brantley. But he is very smart and pays attention to EVERYTHING we say in this house. And he watches Friends in syndication, so he uses the word “sex” correctly in a sentence (even though he doesn’t quite know what it actually means yet). If his older sisters are grouchy or mean, he asks if they have their period (he doesn’t know exactly what that means either – I asked and he thinks it is when “they have a lot of pain that can only be fixed by sour gummy worms and chocolate.”). Sadly, he had no help with the joke.

      • That’s too funny. Sounds like a dangerously bright kid. I too received my 9 year old pop culture sex education from Friends, but that was back in 1999. I’m not sure if that should make me feel old of not!

        As for not really understanding periods, I’m 25 and your kid’s explanation sounds exactly like my own comprehension of the whole experience and I’m
        not sure either of us ever care to learn more on the subject!

    • Thanks, Melissa. But the more I think about it, the more I get offended by Kid D’s comment, “Get ready.”

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