Oops… Butt Dial

Today I had to pick Kid A up from school because she had to stay late for a meeting.  Sheepdog came home right before so I got to drive his fun little car (mine is more of a bus) to pick her up.  Fun little car with no kids in it.  Fan-effing-tastic!  It was a warm day and the sun was shining so I opened the sunroof and cranked the radio.  It was no more than a five minute drive to get her, but let me tell you I enjoyed every single second of it.

Sheepdog called my mobile on the way back.  “Why did you call my office and leave a voice mail?” he asked with a snigger.  Baffled, I replied, “I didn’t.  I knew you were out of the office all day.  Why would I call you there?”  And why was he laughing about it?  I thought about it and decided either (a) I called him when I was drunk, yet I haven’t been drunk since yesterday, or (b) his office messaging system must be screwed up.  I didn’t recall leaving him a message at all recently, but I don’t remember my kids’ names half the time, so that’s not really any big shocker.

As we pulled into the driveway, Sheepdog was sitting there with a giant, goofy grin on his face.  He had the house phone programmed and turned up to max volume.  Then he pressed play.  What followed was five minutes of some crazy person singing (and I use the term very loosely) “Grenade” along with Bruno Mars as loudly and as off-key as humanly possible.  When I listened I heard the complete abandon of someone who is rarely alone and takes full advantage of it when she is.  Despite the obvious lack of vocal ability, it was the sound of someone with absolutely no self-consciousness, who was extremely and even moronically happy.  And it makes me smile every time I recall that feeling.

Sheepdog on the other hand doesn’t have to recall anything.  He saved the message.  He said he was going to keep it to listen to every once in a while, because it made him smile too.

Plus, I sound like a complete idiot, so that’s really funny.

Wish me luck for tomorrow…

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