Song From the Backseat

I have been running errands all day today.  I try to plan them out all at once on a route that saves as much gas as possible ($3.69/ gallon… are you KIDDING me?!?).  Kid E was with me all day because he didn’t have school.  He is pretty good about getting dragged all around Creation, being taken in and out of his car seat a gazillion times, and doing boring stuff like grocery shopping.  He makes the best of it and brings props (usually something sweet and normal like LEGOs that he has turned into a weapon), talking to himself and his imaginary friends, and making up songs.

I get a ton of enjoyment from eavesdropping on him.  He is a great imagination stage right now, and I know from experience that it won’t last long.  Today’s gem was musical, sung to the tune of “Frère Jacques,” and it went like this…

I’m in last place, I’m in last place.

I’m a big LOSER!  I’m a big LOSER!  

Mario Kart is hard.  Mario Kart is hard.

I’m in last.  I’m in last.

That Wii really is an awesome babysitter.

Wish me luck for tomorrow…

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